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OmegaCardio + czosnek is a modern preparation of the NutroPharma brand, which was made in order to strengthen the heart and the circulatory system. In its composition the preparation combines in a complex way omega-3 fatty acids, flavorless garlic, resveratrol and vitamin E, which show a positive influence on the heart’s functioning. Omega-3 fatty acids control the triglycerides, while garlic has a beneficial influence on the level of „bad cholesterol" (LDL) and strengthens the body’s immunity. 

Diet supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids is recommended by the European Society of Cardiology.


The preparation is recommended for all persons who take care of their heart and circulatory system. It is especially recommended:

  • in order to control the level of triglycerides and cholesterol
  • with the body’s decreased iummunity
  • as a food supplementregarding omega-3 fatty acids


Omega-3 fatty acids contained in the preparation:

  • control the concentration of triglycerides
  • show a positive influence on maintaining a proper heart rhythm
  • help to maintain proper blood coagulability
  • influence the flexibility of blood vessels’ walls, owing to which they improve the whole circulatory system
  • stimulate the body’s natural immunity

The garlic contained in the preparation: 

  • controls the level of "bad cholesterol" LDL
  • has a positive effect on blood pressure owing to the widening effect on blood vessels
  • improves the circulatory system’s functioning
  • increases the immunitive abilities of the body by strengthening the immune system


It is best to take 1-3 capsules daily during a meal, washing it down with a small amount of water. One cannot take more than the recommended dose during a day.



Pregnant and nursing women should not use the preparation due to the lack of research confirming safety of the preparation’s use in this period.
Persons who take antithrombotic medications should consult the preparation’s use with a doctor.


Oversensitivity to any of the preparation’s elements.


60 capsules


The preparation should be kept in a closed pack, in a dry place, inaccessible to small children, in room temperature.


25 zł
The supplement is available at pharmacies and herbal stores.


1 OmegaCardio + czosnek capsule contains: 
Fish oil 1000 mg, including:
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) 180 mg
DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) 120 mg
Flavorless garlic extract 50 mg*
Reservatol 10 mg
vitamin E 6,6mg     (66%)**

plus: amorphic silicon dioxide (anticaking agent), gelatin (the capsule’s element), glycerol (substance used for the surface), caramel (pigment).

* a 5000 mg (5 g) equivalent of fresh garlic; ** the percentage of recommended daily intake

A balanced way of nutrition and proper way of life is important for functioning of the human organism.



There is proof of positive influence of fish oil and borage oil supplementation in rheumatoid arthritis

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Omega- 3 fatty acids themselves influence a decrease of triglycerides but do not decrease LDL!!! However, omega-3 combined with garlic not only does decrease substantially the level of triglycerides, but also significantly decreases the level of LDL!!!


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